Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Script and the First Alice Blue

The script took six months.  This, I have been told, is the least amount of time it takes to write a script, however I had been concocting the idea for sometime in my mind.  Like Alice Blue I had been a junior copywriter at an ad agency, I thought the advertising world might be something the average person would find interesting.  As for vampires, I don't believe anything need be said.  Writing a narrative feature length movie script was something new to me.  Previously I had written experimental, anti-narrative plays.   In the end it was interesting to see how my sensibility, affected as it was by theatre, came through in the movie.  The combination of theatre with cinema and the irreverent sense of the experimental are to me some of the best aspects of The Death of Alice Blue, which I never saw until it began screening for live audiences.  

I found it curious when I came across an old review for a play I had written.  I thought the reviewer's sentiment might equally be applied to The Death of Alice Blue.  The play was called (misspelling intended) Lanquisht and Pale and featured a young woman named Alice Blue (I had completely forgotten I had used the name before).  The reviewer, from Toronto's Eye Weekly summed up her thoughts with: "though stuffier folks might be put off by Bench's seductively silly artistic sensibility".

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Movie

The synopsis for The Death of Alice Blue can read as follows:

Alice Blue is a new creative intern at Raven Advertising.    Unfortunately for her the place is run by vampires.  A group of eccentrics enlist her aid in thwarting their nefarious schemes.  But there's a complication.  There’s the possibility that she herself may be genetically predisposed to being the greatest vampire ever, and the only one who can save the dying breed. Alice is forced to confront herself and make a stand, whatever the outcome.

This blog will recount the making of the indie film The Death of Alice Blue, and the trials and tribulations of bringing the film to the public.  Written by director Park Bench.

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